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WHO: Kathy and John Schupman are the owners of Gift & Party KollectionS.
An Army veteran, Kathy loves working with and helping other
veterans promote their crafts.

They first opened KollectionS in November of 2013 as a strictly
Kansas-made goods and crafts store. In 2014, they expanded their
location with the addition of the former "Paper Mart Party Center" when the
owner retired. The combination of the two businesses into
"Gift & Party KollectionS" has been met with wonderful positive feedback!

WHAT: Gift & Party KollectionS carries not only unique gifts, but a
VAST assortment of party supplies! From baking to decorating,
we have you covered!

WHY: We believe in grassroot businesses that provide unique
products and services to the community!

Thank you for stopping by!
We look forward to helping you find what
you want at Gift & Party KollectionS!