Tuesday - Saturday 10:00am - 5:30pm

Combining the retail of our family business and the relationships built through our web and graphics business, KollectionS, LLC was born.

With the support of the community, family and friends, we have created a store that focuses on Kansas-made products! It is amazing the creativity and genius of those around us who have learned skills and trades both new and those passed down for generations.

Come on in and take a gander... there is always something new!

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We are always open to new ventures, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a product that you might like us to carry!

It is valuable in today's society to have an online presence regardless of the size of your business or organization. Whether looking for contact information or seeking a particular product or service, millions of people search the web every minute of every day.

How often do we hear or say "I will Google it?"

Simple or complex, customers are more likely to select a business who have a website over one who does not. It is just as important to have a website with current rather than outdated information.


We Love What We Do!

In 2009, with the economy tightening, we formed a business to assist other businesses in this endeavor. Providing quality service at affordable pricing.

We have a passion for what we do and enjoy the relationships we have formed with our clients.

We are a solid team with sales and marketing experience and knowledge, graphic design and web coding.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you whether you're looking for a new website, needing your current website updated or if you would like to discuss how social media marketing and online promotions can work for you!
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